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Beautiful images of amazing (and ordinary) spaces

Architecture Photography Abstract

Finding a different angle or an unusual view can encourage people to notice things or places they might not otherwise have taken any notice of - the ordinary can suddenly become interesting! In commercial photography this might be finding a detail or a viewpoint that nobody else has thought of or it might be a matter of creating or waiting for the right light, of course not every photograph taken for commercial use can be a spectacular or unusual view but looking, then looking again before you shoot can make all the difference to your images.


Highcross Leicester architecture

Highcross Leicester

This image was taken using a slow shutter speed to give a blurred effect.

Architecture Birmingham

Architecture Birmingham

Abstract Architecture London

Abstract Architecture London

Personal Projects | Photography

In fact many of the photographs I take for personal pleasure rather than for clients are of local places around Leicester or of the buildings I see when I am out on a shoot or just passing by. In fact the built environment and architecture are amongst my favourite subjects, it doesn't have to be the most exciting building or place, just somewhere that I find interesting and can find a way of capturing my viewpoint!

If you are interseted and have a few minutes you can see some of my other work on my personal website