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Will having professional images make any difference to my business?

It's a question many businesses ask themselves these days and with good reason, costs have to be controlled and ROI considered. However there are a number of excellent reasons why having professional photography can have a positive impact for your business, for example - Positive customer perceptions, if you, your staff and your products are seen by the public on your marketing material, whether its social media, your website or printed literature you need to create a professional and positive impression – professional photography can make the difference between a potential customer stopping to take a look at your products or services or moving on to a competitor. 


How does professional photography benefit my business?

Here are 3 facts to consider…

Articles with images get 94% more total views

Including a Photograph in a press release increases views by over 45%

60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in search results

 Source Infographic by MDG Advertising

Of course to achieve these statistics the images used need to be high quality and relevant to the content you are featuring and I believe that where I can help – having worked in the commercial sector for many years I can work with you to provide professional, high quality photography that is relevant to your marketing plans and your potential customers. 


What does commercial photography cost?

Cost is also a factor and another question businesses ask themselves is “How can we justify the cost of a professional photographer when there are so many easy ways to get a photograph these days?”

 There is of course a cost when using a commercial photographer however I believe this should be looked at as investment rather than a cost. You will have a set of high quality images that can be used multiple times over a wide range of media, the images will be unique to your business and will reflect your corporate style, properly utilised they can help increase enquiries and help you stand out from the crowd both online and in print. When you want to discuss a photography project I always quote everything fully in advance – thee are absolutely no hidden charges and you are supplied with optimised images ready to use.

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